Diet Coco


Collection has a very intricate name - Diet Coco, being in some ways a tribute to «the great and terrible» whistleblower of everytning and everyone Diet Prada.

The world of Fashion has revived this year with the second advent of Versace, the return of that very fantastic Prada, which we remember from the end of the 90’s - early two thausand’s, the invasion to the catwalks and minds of Kaia Gerber (daughter of Sindy Crowford), the regeneration of Moncler via fantastic curtsy to Claud Montana from Marc Jacobs, the madness of Gucci, and as if cimpeting in chic and shine Dolce and Gabbana.

And upon all that there is Diet Prada watching after it, who not only condemns but also gives interviews explaining the rules of the incorrect game.

TryMerry Team often get into the trend, somtimes anticipate it, or lag behind, catching it up. We live. We do fashion. Different fashion for different mood and purpose.

Without nurturing contrived DNA of the trade mark as a lond-awaited first-born on the sunset of life, we prefer to treat fashion easy, probably as you do - to enjoy the process of creation and output, and of course to live without regard for someone else's fantasies.

Collection 2018 will be constantly fulfilled with new items considering the outside temperature and our will to make life a little bit more beautiful.

Welcome to the journey of a one year long.

Have a good shopping and keep smiling!