Active wear collection


This collection is about magic and the power of desire.

Unicorns do exist, you are sure to see them as soon as you will be willing to change the usual course of things :-)

DÉSOLÉ in French means "i'm sorry". DÉSOLÉ is unique as it can be used out of any context. Kind of a statement. Distorted reality. Fits for any occasion. Is something not clear enough? DÉSOLÉ.

I am sorry. You will not be able to resist such disarming postulate and the only thing you will be left to say is "SPASIBO" (Thank you in Russian) and keep on your own route. Or... how it is better to say in Russian?

DÉSOLÉ. IT'S UNIPORN collection can be classified as "active wear". Actually Try Merry is above such cliche, that is why this collection consists of tracksuits. Vivid, comfortable, beautiful, eco friendl and of course attracting attention and catching fortune. Because it's Magic, babies!

This collection is for those who are risky enough and who want to saddle magic power aka UNICORN. This collection is for you!