Made under GOST

Active wear collection

Made under GOST

We would like to say that we devoted this collection to you, but it would be a lie.

We made it for ourselves cherishing our permanent flashbacks and being in love, deeply in love. Being head over heels in love with our childhood, that can never be truely escaped. And what did we have being a child? Apple orchards, knee splinters, street football (no matter that you are a girl), night guitar songs and desperate desire to have that only, very trendy, very desirable active wear suit.

There was no HLS at that time, you were this desperate and absolutely barefaced HLS by yourself. At that time crosses (but not marathons/races) were run almost barefoot, in sneakers at best - and everyone stayed alive. At that time tights became baggy on the knees, and laundry soap diminished the color. Everything seemed more or less same same and the only thing that rang in its own way - is happiness.

Made under GOST collection is dedicated to Soviet Union, as you may have already got, and to our sunny days in it. Consequently to you as well, and more exactly to us all.

We are grateful to each our reader, admirer, customer for a chance to be, and granted slogans for this collections. Items of this collection are not made for professional sports. They are for those who skip blithely, activly and do not forget to smile. For you.

Have a good shopping and keep smiling!

from ™ with love