Сapsule collection 2020


Meet the capsule collection 2021!

Given the events of 2020, which some of us want to spend as soon as possible and forget as a bad dream, and someone, on the contrary, feels a remarkable gratitude to him, this capsule collection is full of hopes, desires, tenderness, pleasure and a big dream. 2020 showed us how it can be, but we are meeting 2021 with open arms and a complete lack of borders, which we so desperately lacked in the outgoing year.

That's why we made this collection limitless and versatile. Festive and everyday in one bottle. We can't know for sure how exactly you will celebrate the New Year, whether it will be a noisy company or a close family circle, whether you will be alone or go out on the street and open a bottle of champagne with the first passer-by, what wish you will make to the beat of the immortal Kremlin chimes and whether you will make something, maybe you prefer to plan. But we know for sure that our wish will come true in the new year: you will wear all the products of this capsule collection many more times and certainly with pleasure and tenderness, and we will feel your love through the distance. In the end, it is the only thing that gives us the incentive to be and become even better.

We wish you happiness unlimited happiness and the absence of obstacles on the way to it!

From ™ with love