Social Network

Социальная сеть

Social Network

Social networks have captured this world for a very long time. For such a long time that there is no sence in talking about them, they can talk for us - with the help of hashtags, slogans and distorted perception of distorted reality. There is an opinion that instagram girls can live only in instagram. Somewhere around them there are probably representatives of the strong (sometimes weak) half of the world. Each of these two halves is absolutely sure how the universe is arranged or should be arranged, what actions should be undertaken to improve the average hospital temperature and in general how to manage the universe without attracting the paramedics' attention.

Our new capsule collection of t-shirts, tank tops and t-shirt dresses which is called "Social Network" is about simplified attitude to reality, about sense of humour and life-affirming postulates.

Take life easy unless it has't decided to do the opposite thing to you :-)

Have a nice shopping and keep smiling!

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