It just so happened that we spent half of 2021 as true nomads-in search of freedom and happiness on our suddenly fully embraced planet. The BEDOUIN collection. Summer 2021 is dedicated to all of us-a living, rebellious spirit and not recognizing borders.

Travel is a promise of happiness, it's a big little life.

We would very much like the coming summer to give us all a lot of fabulous trips, so that each of us has it filled with joy, new meetings, endless sunrises and sunsets, sunny music and a lot of love that seeps in from everywhere.

After sitting in the world lockdown, we wanted to combine comfort and chic, holiday and everyday life, austerity and abundance in this summer collection, to fill it with difference, joy and infinite happiness, to make it universal, like a well-assembled suitcase on the best of trips. And so that by all means without looking back.

In the collection you will find day and evening suits, silk jackets, dresses and tops, strict and frivolous shirts, shorts, trousers, jeans and, of course, swimsuits. In short, all the most favorite and necessary things for the coming beautiful summer.

Let it be fabulous both for you and for us!

Enjoy your shopping and keep smiling!

From ™ with love