Mulholland Drive

Going back to my roots. Mulholland Drive.

Mystery and reality, strategem of events and stories happen not only in real life and movies, but fortunately also in fashion.

David Lynch, making his "love story in the city of dreams" as he called Mulholland Drive, preferred to keep silent regarding allegories and symbolism. So we decided to do the same.

Evident however shrouded in fog things will be quite enough:

- Love ceases to be a mystery since you believe it

- Unconditional joy ceases to be incomprehensible since you unleash it

And as we are not about philosophy but about fashion let us present you our gentle though bold collection - Mulholland Drive. It is made of wool, silk, cotton and fogs, of course - our ode to classical cut, deliberate, but not exaggerated femininity and love.

Within this collection we present faux fur coats for the first time, as well as fantastic shorts, skirts, classical jackets, dresses and silk blouses.

It has never been so easy to attract love :-)

Have a good shopping and keep smiling!

From ™ with love

Contributors: Elena Spirina, Polina Kulik