NEVERMIND. As if he were alive...

The collection is dedicated to the work of Kurt Cobain and the birth of our favorite grunge style.

Meanwhile, as the years go by, fashion turns in a spiral and inevitably upwards, but the references to the points of support do not disappear, and we relied on them - the absence of conventions, hypertrophied passionarity, sensitivity and its absence, and, of course, the rejection of prejudices.

The basis of freedom, permeated with the present time in which we live, symbolizes renunciation of excess and at the same time following the call of the heart. Everything is easier than it seems. But with this simplicity, you need to be able to play. It takes strength to withstand it.

Any life outbursts can cause us two categories of emotions - hypersensitivity or absolute indifference. But is insensitivity so innocent and quiet? Nevermind is not a course, it is a state. The compass is exclusively in our hands.

Have a nice shopping and a great mood!

Contributors: Elena Spirina, Polina