All in the Zoom!

Welcome to a new reality that threatens to be at least more interesting than the previous one.

The collection "In Zoom" is dedicated to innovative ways of building capitalism, namely, home and work within it.

Yes, yes! Clothing for the home ceases to be just banal as well as desperately elegant. She confidently takes the form of a comfortable business. Such that it is possible to hold an online conference and meet guests, and with her husband to retire and once again learn functions and adverbial phrases with children.

Comfortable, elegant, and sometimes frankly bright - the way we see the coming 2021-th year of remote work and immediate comfort.

Silk and cashmere, loose cut, a reference to classic business suits and traditional boudoir style.

All in one bottle for completely different tasks and situations. We play a new life and enjoy it!

Enjoy your shopping and Happy New 2021!

Contributors: Elena Spirina, Polina