What is Try Merry

Try Merry is more than just fashion and apparel - it's a way of life, and a part of it is Try Merry fashion brand founded in 2011 on the basis of Try Merry Films.

Literally, we invite you to try merry through music, art, film, photography and fashion.

Our stories - is a way to speak to the world on exciting themes. We did this the Someone short film, with the Geometry of the Universe, with Babylon and we keep doing with all the collections. Our collections are a consequence of the Stories, their implementation by using of fabrics, prints and silhouettes.

We are very pleased to share our inner feelings and attitude with you, to look into the future with great optimism, to live breathing deeply and enjoying each new day.

Try Merry brand includes three lines:

1. Basecamp White Lable - basic wardrobe apparel. Here you will find t-shirts, shirts, suits and other products with a simple cut without any prints and frills. Basecamp is a collection with no trends - it is the base of the wardrobe at all times.

2. Red Lable - Capsule Line Try Merry. These limited edition collections are created exclusively by ourselves and in collaboration with well-known artists and designers. Capsule collections are available several times a year and are usually dedicated to a particular topic or event.

3. Black Lable - main Try Merry line. It includes our major collections and most accurately reflects the philosophy of the Brand.

For all three lines we use only high quality fabrics and findings of European and Asian manufacturers.

Our headquarters and manufacturing are located in Moscow, Russia where we have like-minded army of people who are working hard to create the most wanted apparel for the most wanted people.

Our main principles are quality, ease of purchase and delivery and a good mood. All Try Merry products are thoroughly tested for the quality before going on sale.

Kindly yours,

Try Merry

The most wanted apparel for the most wanted people